Anthony Agostinelli's Jazz Bash

Anthony Agostinelli hosts Jazz Bash, a show featuring interviews of artists and short performance clips. The show has aired on Cox Cable in Rhode Island for over ten years. The Jazz History Database's full collection of Jazz Bash recordings is featured below.

Greg Abate

Al Basile

Duke Belaire

Alan Bernstein

Steve Bianchi

Eric Bloom

Don Boland

Martin Butler


Amanda Carr

Ted Casher

Frank Castle

Chase Underwood Ceglie

Joe Cerrito

Mac Chrupcala Dec 2005

Mac Chrupcala (undated)

Joe Coccia

Four Freshmen August 2004

Four Freshmen 15 April 2008

Four Freshmen and Don Boland

Giacomo Gates Part 1

Giacomo Gates Part 2

Marcelle Gauvin

April Hall

Carl Hosbond

Burt Jagolinzer

Chris Jason

Dick Johnson Part 1

Dick Johnson Part 2

John Kinney

Dick Lupino

Bob Mainelli

Art Manchester

George Masso

John Monllos

Yvonne Monnett

Dan Moretti

Alissa Musto

Bob Ole

Ken Orton

Bill Pandozzi

Cory Pesaturo 14 April

Cory Pesaturo 9 November

Mark Poniatowski

Portsmouth Jazz Ensemble

Joe Potenza

Richard Price

Matthew Quinn 17 January 09

Matthew Quinn (undated)

Mike Renzi

Frank Russo

Jack Sager

John Salerno

Nick Sanfilippo

Joseph Schafer

Lois Vaughan 14 February

Lois Vaughan 11 March

George Wein

Dave Zinno